lørdag den 15. januar 2011


   "What do you suppose these symbols mean?" Lume said, running his hand across the ancient stones. When Rook didn't reply, he turned his head back towards the camp, where Rook was trying to start a fire, clacking two stones together. "Rook? What do you suppose these symbols mean?"
    Rook looked down at the small pile of damp sticks and moss with disgust. Another night without a hot meal. He threw down the stones, muttering curses, and trudged over to Lume.
    "Well?" Lume said. "What do you suppo-"
    "I heard you the first time." 
    Rook searched through his pockets, producing a pair of glasses. He put them on and bent down to get a closer look. The glasses looked absurd on him, Lume thought. 
   "This one here," Rook said, pointing at one of the symbols carved into the crumbling wall. It looked like a snake with wings. "That means 'enemy' or 'traitor', or something to that effect. The one next to it, the flaming man, means 'war'. The last one means 'success'." 
   "So," Lume said. "There was an enemy who started a war. And won it?"
   Rook removed his glasses. He looked at the ruins that surrounded them. 
   "Looks that way," he said.

Music of the now: Beatz, by Holger Forman

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