søndag den 23. januar 2011


Notes regarding evolution and behavior of post-hand octopi in captivity

Day one (1):
Two (2) octopi, after surgically removed from Subject 70's arms, are placed in a reinforced BlitzGlass(C) container. Behavior appears dull, possibly due to stress.

Day two (2): 
Subject 70-a appears to have attacked, killed and consumed Subject 70-b overnight. It has grown to approximately three times its original size. Noticeably more aggressive. 

Day five (5): 
Subject 70-a, now approximately 3 meters in height, escaped its cell. It was recaptured and restrained thanks to Ulrich's martial skill and brute strength, but not before it located and consumed Subject 70. 

Music of the now: Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), by Shakira

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