fredag den 28. januar 2011


    "You let him go." Lume said.
    "Aye." Rook rolled up the sleeves on his fresh shirt.
    "Wanted to make sure that they think twice before trying this again."
    "Surely all this," he gestured at the carnage. "Conveys your message quite clearly?"
    Rook gazed out the window, fiddling with one of his shirtsleeves. He sighed, but remained otherwise silent.
    "Something on your mind, big guy?"
    "The kid. Doesn't he remind you of Sal?"
    "Hah, aye, I suppose he does. He was quite the s-"
    "Is, Lume. He is. Never saw him go down."
    "He was no fighter, Rook. You know that."
Music of the now: Tommy Wiseau - The Room (Cheep Cheep Remix), by alcala323

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