mandag den 24. januar 2011

Octopi, cont.

Day seven (7):
Subject 70-a sedated for transport to bigger cage. Mid-transport, however, it regained consciousness. It proceeded to escape captivity and rampage through the town. Recaptured and sedated. Acceptable civilian casualties. 

Day fourteen (14):
After thorough autopsies, it appears that Subject 70-a's many spikes and beaks secrete an incredibly powerful neurotoxin. Tests for possible weaponization are pending. Subject 70-a now measures approximately eight (8) meters in height.

Day forty (40): 
Subject 70-a appears to be the herald of an ancient, terrible god. After reaching approximately fifty meters in height, it destroyed the town and disappeared into the sea. Research cancelled. 

Music of the now: SUPERVILLAINY, by Lucy Knisley

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