Welcome to Insane Amok - a blog filled to the brim with flash fiction. 

This might be him. (Spoiler: It is.)
The Wordslinger
David Foget Noltensmeier - don't bother trying to pronounce it, you'll just sound silly - is a twenty-year-old student currently residing in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Ever since his childhood years, back when his parents read him bed-time stories and he started correcting them whenever they mispronounced or misread a word, David knew he was destined to be a published author billionaire.

Okay, no, not really. But he really does want to be an author, and he did in fact correct his parents' reading abilities when he was like six. Grammar nazi ever since he could walk.

The Blog
This blog is the first stepping stone in the no doubt long and illustrious career that awaits David in his future. It is a place where he can - and will - flex his creative muscle. It is a place where you can find fantastical stories that just might make your day a little brighter. Is it also a place where he writes about himself in the third person? Maybe.

More specifically, this blog will update every day with a single piece of flash fiction exactly 101 words in length. (Disregard that, no more word counting. So sue me.) If David misses an update, he will commit seppuku make the next update twice as long.

I can be contacted on smackadin@gmail.com

[This page will be expanded whenever David damn well feels like it. Or when he is prompted to.]

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