The original grand daddy of 101-word flash fiction. David has spent hours perusing the hundreds and hundreds of stories posted there.

Ironically Delicious
A blog by Francis Law, a very dear friend of mine from South Africa. He draws, animates and won't realize that he's extremely talented. Why don't you go tell him?

The Featured Creature
Do you like... animals? You do? Excellent, then this blog is for you! The lovely CarlyB keeps you informed of the many cute, strange, cool or scary animals that we share our planet with. Like the fish with a transparent head. Or a shrew smaller than a penny, whose heart beats 25 times per second. Crazy stuff.

Creative Braindamage
Pretty pictures! Some are old, and not so pretty. Some are newer, and very pretty! Go look!

A blog by another one of my pals. Magnus plays drums and does cool things like a cool guy. Eh also shoots aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.

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