onsdag den 19. januar 2011


    "Ha-HA!" Doctor Blitzmann exclaimed, lifting a vial of glowing, purple liquid and staring at it. "Once again, I have somehow managed to outdo myself!"
    "That so?" Ulrich said in a distant voice, leaning back, feet resting on the table.
    Blitzmann whirled around, brandishing the vial in one hand and a massive syringe in the other.
    "Yes!" he proclaimed. "This liquid is without a doubt my greatest achievement yet!" He waved the vial about wildly, spilling a few drops of the liquid dropped, where it sizzled and burned through the rock. "It will revolutionize everything we know about mouthwash!"
    "Fascinating." Ulrich said.

Music of the now: War Photographer, by Jason Forrest

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