tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

More Halberds

    For a few moments, Rook thought it had worked. The soldiers were muttering, some taking a hesitant step backwards.
    "Let's just go," one whispered in a desperate voice.
    "No!" hissed the man next to him. "If we come back empty-handed, we're done for! We'll be lucky if the captain doesn't just throw us to the inquisition." 
    Rook was a mountain, unmoving. Neither attacking nor retreating. 
    "Enough of this!" one of them said in a loud, angry voice, shouldering past the others. He pointed the gleaming point of his halberd at Rook. "For the king!" he yelled and charged.
    He died first.

Music of the now: Mock The Fools, by TotalBiscuit

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