søndag den 16. januar 2011


    "So," said the baron, scratching one of his many chins. "What do we know about this Lume?" 
    "Not much, I'm afraid." Inquisitor Ghast stood in the center of the room, dressed in the black and white robes of his order, a deep frown framing his dark, sunken features. "Raised as an orphan in Pyre," he said,. "Made a living as a pickpocket. Joined a group of travelling minstrels. That's it."
    The baron nodded and devoured another grape. "Still," he said. "You should have found him by now."
    "As you may recall, my lord, I did find him. Him and his guardian."

Music of the now: John The Revelator, by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers

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