torsdag den 24. februar 2011


     'I'm telling you, Ulrich, my enemies are everywhere. Everything in here,' he jabbed Ulrich with a gloved finger. 'Literally every single thing in here, could be covered in poison.' 
     'I doubt that, Doc.'
     'Poison of the most lethal sort!' He insisted, grabbing a jar and brandishing it in Ulrich's face. 'Underdark Rattler extract!' He picked up a half-eaten chicken leg. 'Essence of beholder!' He grabbed a chair with both hands and lifted it over his head. 'CRIMSON DEATH POWDER!'
    'I think that Juniper girl made you paranoid.'
    'Paranoid?' he hissed. 'I'll show you paranoid!
    Ulrich sighed. 'I'd really rather you didn't.'

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