fredag den 18. februar 2011


Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

    'Now, Mr. Fist,' Blitzmann called from behind the protective barrier, hands cupped around his mouth. 'I'd like you to pick up the axe.' 
    Bloodfist did so. The axe, though by no means small, looked positively tiny in his massive, dirty fist. He gurgled laughter. 'Y'call this lil' thing an axe?'
    Blitzmann frowned. 'I don't pay you to talk, Mr. Fist. I pay you to throw axes at assassins. Now...' He made an inviting gesture. 'Please do so.'
    'Whatever y'say, bossman.' He raised the axe over his head. 'Alley-oop!'
    Blitzmann turned to Jupiter. 'Now watch carefully, my dear,' he said, grinning broadly.

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