tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

Bwoken Nose

    "Motherfucker! You bwoke by nose!" Jax fell on his ass, clutching his bleeding face. "That really hurt!"
    When the man stepped forward, Jax launched himself at him. His head hit the man square in the face with a crunching sound, knocking him to the ground.
    "Yeah," Jax said, shaking his head. "See how you like it!"
    "I like it well enough." The man said.
    "Oh yeah? Have some more!" He kicked at the prone man, missed, and almost fell over. He felt a little woozy. He smoothed his hair back, and his fingers came away bloody.
    "Oh." He said and fainted.

Music of the now: Ecstasy of Gold, by Ennio Morricone

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