mandag den 14. februar 2011


    'Strapping spikes onto the squirrels won't actually turn them into...' Juniper glances at her notes. '"Unstoppable, orange killing machines," doctor.' She flicks a strand of black hair away from her pretty face.
    Blitzmann scowls at her, then at the box of chittering squirrels. 'Well,' he says, a little indignantly. 'Perhaps you should have brought me some better squirrels!'
    Juniper raises an eyebrow. 'Better squirrels, doctor?'
    'Yes!' he says. 'Better! Bigger! Angrier! Bring me a batch of pumped up and pissed off squirrels, and I'll bring you the most dangerous group of merciless killers the world has ever seen. But this,' he says, brandishing one of the small, furry, spike-covered creatures. 'I can do nothing with this.' The squirrel nips playfully at his fingers before he throws it back with the others.
    'If I may speak frankly, doctor?'
    Blitzmann waves his hand in an "of course" kind of way.
    'Our employers are deeply concerned about your ideas. They've asked you to bring them a weapon. Something that will win them the war. Quite frankly,' Juniper says, 'The quality of squirrels is the least of your concerns.'
    Blitzmann glares at his new assistant. She holds his gaze, a slightly bored look on her face. 

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