fredag den 11. februar 2011

Looks 2

    Even after we discovered that looking at someone could kill them, people kept dying. The effects seemed to grow stronger as time passed. The first ones hadn't died before hundreds of people had stared at them for hours at a time. Then it only took a few people. Then it took a long, hard stare. Now, all it took was a glance.

    Thomas adjusted a strap on his suit, making sure his entire body was covered. Thomas was a fast learner. He'd been one of the first to realize what was happening, and he had wasted no time responding accordingly. His very first consideration was whether the phenomenon was physical or supernatural. If it was the former, he stood a chance of surviving. If it was the latter... Well, he might as well lie down and wait for someone to look his way. As it was, he felt pretty safe in his assumption that the "Gaze", as he had named it, was a product of evolution and not, as most people firmly believed, God's divine judgement on man.
    His suit was the product of three days of labor. The innermost layer was a skintight full body suit of grey fabric, stopping at his neck. Over that, he wore a black tactical vest and sturdy pants. Thin plates of metal were sewn into the fabric. Not enough to stop a bullet, perhaps, but enough to stop a knife. He had no illusions about human ferocity. He wore a pair of military-grade boots. What little fuel they had would soon run out, and a solid pair of boots would be invaluable. His head was mostly covered by a black ski mask, which left only his eyes exposed. Strapped to his face was a large set of night vision goggles, four green lenses protruding from the device.

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