onsdag den 23. marts 2011

Wrapping Up For The Day

    Doctor Blitzmann stretched and winced at the cracks and pops that erupted from his stiff back. It had been a long, productive day, and he was tired. He gathered his notes into a neat, little stack and tied it together with a length of string. Opening one of the many closets and drawers that lined the back room of his shop, he deposited the notes in front of the ones from yesterday.
    He walked through his store, snuffing out the candles as he went. He checked the locks on his front door; three deadbolts, two padlocks and a small keyhole were attached to it. Just to make sure, he had engraved a magical locking glyph of his own making into the metal-plated door.
    Content that his door was securely locked, he shuffled into his bedroom. To call it spartan would be an understatement. A thin mattress lay on a wooden frame and a single candle stood on a small, wooden table next to it. The flame sputtered as he lit it.
    He undressed, neatly folding his clothes and placing them on the table. He lay down on his back, naked except for his goggles and promptly fell asleep.


    The feel of cold steel against his throat jolted him awake. A dark figure loomed over him. He could see a pair of eyes glinting beneath the hood. The business-end of a narrow sword rested on his neck. 
    'We have you now, Blitzmann!' The figure said, his voice dripping contempt. 'Our vengeance is at hand!'
    'Oh,' Blitzmann said, relief evident in his voice, 'It's just another one of you guys. I was getting worried there for a second.'
    'Do not mock me, monster! Tonight you die by the hands of Undrek'Thoz!'
    'The problem is,' Blitzmann said, pulling the hidden lever behind his bed, 'None of you are prepared for the squirrels.'

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