onsdag den 2. marts 2011


    'Make the letters big!' Blitzmann called. 'And swirly!'
    'Aye, aye, captain!'
    'And write it in gold!'
    'Aye, aye, captain!'
    'And make the last "G" look like a dragon!'
    'Aye, aye, captain!'
    Blitzmann stood with crossed arms at the ship's railing, looking down at the deckhand dangling from a jumble of ropes and planks six feet above the water. He held a delicate, wooden brush, carefully spelling out the ship's name on its side.
    'B. L. I. T. Z. K. R. I. E. G.' Blitzmann yelled. 'I recommend you get it right the first time! Unless you fancy getting turned into chum.''

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