fredag den 18. marts 2011

Jax At A Lake

    'Why are you out here?' she asked, rubbing her hands together to warm her frozen fingers. When Jax spoke, he didn't look at her.
    'Because this isn't the hospital. There aren't any of...' He made a vague hand gesture. 'Those people here. Just me and the lake.'
    She nodded. After a moment, Jax pointed at something floating on the still water.
    'And that duck,' he said.
    'Quack,' it said.
    'Yeah,' Jax muttered. 'Quack.'
    She sat down next to him. 'How's the new hands?'
    'They're alright,' he said, slowly flexing the metal fingers. 'Strong. Wish I could feel them, though.'

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