torsdag den 17. marts 2011

The Cracked Keg

    The door to The Cracked Keg swung open, revealing the black outline of Elyssa Tel'Dary. Her dark eyes scanned the room, locking eyes with anyone who dared look at her. The Cracked Keg was one of the toughest taverns in Strasa. Tough taverns attract tough crowds. This one was no different. A trio of orcs sat around a table, glaring daggers at her. Banor Blackbarrel, the proprietor, was standing behind the bar, cleaning a mug with a dirty towel. He wasn't having much success. He didn't care much.  A man was leaning against the far wall with his eyes closed. Elyssa was pretty sure that he was dead. A hand on the hilt of Uchehi-Kai, she walked up to the bar and leaned in close to Banor. He smelled of gristle.
    'I'm here to see Alyshandra,' she said. 'Open the passage.'
    Banor spat a dark glob of phlegm into the mug. 'Alyshandra don't come here no more, panther.'
    'I don't believe you.'
    'I don't care.'
    'Well, I do,' she said, smacking Uchehi-Kai onto the bar desk. Its black blade cast a strange, blueish light on them. 'I care very much. And if you don't tell me where she's hiding, I'm going to start breaking things.'

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