tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Just An Idea

Just an idea for a story that I have to write down before I forget it. Not a real story. No names or anything.

The god of wolves (name?) took the form of a massive, grey wolf with yellow eyes and fangs the size of swords. It was taller than a man and twice the length of a horse, and it had unparalleled speed and strength. It ruled over The Biggest Forest (name?), as it had for thousands of years, but Man had always feared and hunted it. The god of wolves had grown more and more angry as men and women killed his children, and for hundreds of years he had killed any human who dared enter his domain.

An arrogant king led an army into the forest, meaning to kill the god of wolves. He brought thousands of soldiers, retainers, nobles and even his son and daughter. The king and his army cut and burned their way through the forest, pushing in to the very heart of the forest, where the god of wolves dwelt.

The god of wolves fell on the army with all the ferocity of an angered god, and when it was all over, the army was routed and the king lay wounded before the god of wolves. Just as the god was about to kill the king, the king's daughter ran in to block the god's path. She pleaded with him to spare her father's life. The god of wolves was captivated by the princess' beauty and gentle voice, and he lowered his head to the ground, his yellow eyes locking with the princess' blue. He agreed to spare the king if the princess would spend the rest of her life with the god.

She agreed - anything to save her father's life - and climbing onto his back, the god carried her deep into the forest. The god of wolves loved the princess fiercely, but he had no experience with human feelings and needs. The princess eventually grew fond of the god, but she cried often, and when she explained that she could not handle the thought of living the rest of her life without seeing another human being, he was distraught.

Jealousy prevented him from bringing other humans into his lair, but the princess' sorrow cut at his heart. He decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. Travelling to the top of Rebirth Mountain, the god of wolves called to the pantheon, begging them to hear his request. He tore his heart from his chest and placed it on something before darkness overtook him.

When he awoke, he had turned into a man. He had sacrificed his immortality so that the princess had another human being to talk to.

To be continued.

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