lørdag den 4. februar 2012

A Dream I Had

I had a dream last night.

Me and some unknown classmates were supposed to travel to Spain for a week, but it was cancelled. So we decided to travel to a small town nearby instead. For some reason, I was transporting a litter of wolf pups in a large plastic bag. They seemed to enjoy tumbling around in it.

For some reason I was supposed to pose as the lord of Winterfell - yes, the A Song Of Ice And Fire Winterfell. To begin with, I was just supposed to claim that I was the lord, but I got an idea: why not take it a step further and take over a nearby ruined castle? Someone agreed, and suddenly I was the lord of an awesome wintery medieval viking castle. I asked the blacksmith to make me a suit of armor, and he quickly produced an awesome horned helmet and scaled chest plate. After sending him off to also make me a pair of matching boots and gloves, he was assassinated by a tall, gangly and sickly-looking man who was a pawn of a greater evil who worked in the shadows. The assassin cut his throat twice, then cut his face several times. Angered by the assassination, I summoned a huge dragon with black and grey metallic scales. I leaped on its back, and as we flew out of the great hall, my armor melted and transformed, covering my entire body. The horns grew longer, the armor more elaborate, and my body shone like fire through cracks in the armor. My eyes shone especially bright; practically two small suns.

With a few great beats of its wings, the dragon carried me over the huge mountain where my castle lay and down to a huge cathedral where the faceless evil I was hunting was hiding. It breathed a colossal ball of fire that shattered a huge mosaic in the cathedral's front wall, and as we dived through the shower of broken glass, I leaped off the dragon's back in a rage, trailing fire and screaming defiance against whatever evil had dared oppose my rule. Far below me, a creature of shadow stood. I crashed into the creature like a meteor, waves of fire engulfing everything inside the cathedral. I started pummeling the creature with my gauntleted fists, each blow sending a new wave of white-hot fire coursing out from me.

Then I woke up.

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