torsdag den 8. december 2011

Writing Exercise #3: Shut Up

You meet a man in a bar in a strange town. He has a cat on his lap, and he orders a cup of coffee, slowly spoons sugar into it. He strokes the cat's black fur and says, "This contact is illusory. The cat and I are separated as though by a pane of glass, because man lives in time, in successiveness, while the magical animal lives in the present, in the eternity of the instant." What do you say back to him? And he to you? What does the cat do? What happened to this man before he came into the bar?

Shut Up

'What are you, leftovers from The Twilight Zone? It's way too early in the morning for talk like that, man.'
    The man's eyes gleam behind his horn-rimmed glasses. 'Ah, but is morning not just a frame of mind? Is it not always morning, always day and always night?'
    'Just... shut up. Drink your fucking coffee.'
    The man sips his coffee and puts it down with an unhappy expression. 'Too sweet,' he says.

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