torsdag den 22. december 2011


    The breastplate clattered onto the table, scattering parchment and writing implements. High Lord General Redwind stared at it, uncomprehending. A hand-shaped indentation in the armor stared back at him.
    'What's this?' he demanded, carefully putting aside his gold-filigreed quill.
    'That,' Jonah said, 'Belonged to a member of the Guard. He was killed this morning.'
    Redwind looked annoyed. 'I've told you to stop bothering me whenever a soldier dies!' he said. 'That's what they're-'
    'By that.' Jonah interrupted, indicating the breastplate. 'Witnesses saw a powerfully built bald man in white clothes deliver a single, openhanded blow to the guardsman's chest that. It killed him instantly.'
    'Now now, since when did you start believing in the rumors and hearsay of the common rabble, captain?' Redwind tutted.
    'Since that,' he said, pointing at the breastplate again.

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