fredag den 6. maj 2011

Coming Home, pt. 26

    'Aperture Science built this cozy little cave for their employees. I think so, anyway. Can't really remember.'
    'You can't remember?'
    'Well it's been a while, innit?' Ripley said indignantly. 'Jeez Louise, mister criticism over here!'
    The pilgrim raised his hands in defense. 'Sorry, sorry, I meant no offense.'
    'Yeah, you better apologize. I'll mess you up, bro.'
    The pilgrim laughed. His laugh was low and raspy like dragging steps across dry earth. It made his cheeks hurt. Then a thought struck him and the laugh disappeared.
    'You said that it'd been a while...' He paused, searching for words. 'How long a while, exactly?'

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