onsdag den 29. december 2010

Poem, I say.

So here's something different. Poetry. I've never written a poem before, but this is all about learning and experimenting, so here goes nothing. (It should be noted that I wrote this at four in the morning, where reality and wishful thinking have a tendency to flow together. I might wake up tomorrow and realize that what I have wrought is nothing short of an abomination). 

He comes from the darkness that connects humanity.
His grin flashes hidden dreams and razor-edged wishes.
A man in robes of shrouded clarity.
Arms spread, he locks us apart in our mind's niches.

In your mind rings ”eye for eye, tooth for tooth”.
You think yourself a virtue of diligence.
He will embrace you and whisper his truth:
”Lo, my name is ignorance.”

Edit: In retrospect, this was stupid and pretentious. Just ignore this whole post.  

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