lørdag den 14. april 2012

One Word, Ten Minutes #1 - Capture

Similar to OneWord, only ten times as long. Also Francis draws something for ten minutes.

    'Capturing a human,' Roche said in the lecturing and slightly demeaning tone his students had almost grown used to, 'Is no different from capturing a wild animal. Same three key moves.' He made a prompting gesture. 'Which are?'
    'Track. Subdue. Restrain.' His students recited in unison.
    'Correct. Tracking a human is easy. They're clumsy, crashing through the jungle like a panicky rhino and leaving a track even a hatchling could follow. Subduing them is even easier. Those of you who have seen a real human can attest that they're little more than weak, hairless apes. No exoskeleton,' Roche said, counting on his fingers as he spoke. 'No claws, no fangs, no poison, venom or toxin. They can run half as fast as us and can't climb for shit. But they're crafty fuckers. I've seen one take out three Hunters with nothing but ingenuity and sheer fucking luck. So when you've got one of them cornered, what do you do?'

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