fredag den 2. september 2011

Meth Lab

    McKinsey cleared his throat, turned on the digital recorder and sat down opposite to Declan Beans.
    'Why did you blow up that meth lab?' he asked. Declan leaned back and let loose a smile full of rotting teeth and crippling halitosis.
    'You had best be more careful in your choice of words,' he rasped, 'Lest we come precipitously close to the point where I need to get a lawyer.'
    'Sorry,' McKinsey said. 'Allow me to rephrase: Please tell me what you think occurred yesterday evening in the desert a few miles east of town.'
    'I do believe there was a terrible accident involving a recreational vehicle, some illegal chemicals, a fire hazard and an accidental combination thereof.'
    McKinsey raised an eyebrow. 'Are you implying that you didn't mean to blow up that meth lab, Declan?'
    'I'm just makin' an observation about methamphetamine and its familiarity vis-á-vis combustibility and explosions and such, officer.'

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