mandag den 18. april 2011

Coming Home, pt. 14

    'Alright,' the pilgrim croaked and holstered his gun. 'I trust you, Ripley.'
    'Excellent! Now how about you press that itty bitty button right there, so I can get a good look at that handsome mug of yours?'
    'Do you swear upon your father's name that there
    'Yes! Jeez, trust issues all up in this bitch.'
    The pilgrim frowned. He understood very little of this strange woman's speech, but he got the sense that she meant him no harm. With an inward shrug, he pushed the button.
    It didn't budge.
    'Is it stuck? Just give it a whack with that big, hard thing of yours!' The woman giggled.

Word of the day: "Taciturn;" (adjective) silent; temperamentally untalkative; disinclined to speak.

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