lørdag den 2. oktober 2010


Tonight's story will be a little unusual. It's something I experienced tonight, and it basically freaked me out. So here you go.

I was just looking around the internet, seeking cheap thrills, and I stumbled upon some creepypasta. Being a big fan of creepypasta, I started reading. The first one I read was this:


And then this:


Now, if you've read those two, read on. If not, go take a look at them.

Ready? Excellent. On with the story.

My interest piqued, I started looking around for the aforementioned game, "Killswitch". After a bit of searching, I actually found a .rar called "Killswitch (1989) (Karvina Computing)". I downloaded it, promptly crashing my browser. I unpacked it, which caused 7zip to crash. Slightly freaked out, I opened the folder and looked for an exe file. I found one.


Getting severely freaked out, I opened an unnamed .txt file, hoping to find some explanation. All it said was this:

you cannot install me
but if you must
enter in the 2nd number in the 3rd collumn on page 6 of the manual

I have not found a manual of any sort, and I have yet to try and install the game.

Not sure if I'm gonna do it.

What do you say? Yes? No? Let me know in the comments section. Or don't. Whatever you feel like.

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Daniel Johnson sagde ...

I have looked everywhere and have not found a manual anywhere, help? Also visit my blog killswitch1989.blogspot.com